Form Fitting Head Gel Ice Cap Hot and Cold Therapy for Stress Relief

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Form Fitting Head Gel Ice Cap, Cold Therapy Ice Head Wrap Ice Pack Mask, Cold Cap

This is a mask that could be worn. Its stretchability and twin seams allow it to fit every face, head, and eye. The hat is one size fits everyone.

While resting comfortably, the cold flexible ice pack cap provides 360° natural cooling. Because the product is slip-on, there are no messy wraps, uncomfortable ice packs, inserts, or awkward band straps.

Because of the reusable and wearable treatment ice pack, it is the appropriate reusable hat for men, women, and children.

It's a flexible ice pack eye mask that's ideal for swollen eyes. It is simple to use and reuse. Simply place the included zip bag in the freezer for 2 hours between uses. It's a thick gel with a dark tone. This simple cold pack is suitable for everyday usage and can be stored in the freezer until needed.


  • Finally, natural, drug-free headache treatment that works! This 360-degree ice head wraps totally envelops your head in an icy cocoon of cooling and compression.
  • The form-fitting gel headgear can be frozen for cold treatment or heated in the microwave. Targets troublesome regions such as the temples, forehead, sides, back of the neck, and eyes. Soft and pleasant with no unnecessary frills
  • The one-piece wrap design provides calming positive compression to help relieve pounding headaches and incapacitating flare-ups. The hat's natural tight fit allows you to unwind without concern.
  • The interior gel substance, which is medical grade, freezes in less than an hour and stays colder for longer than ordinary ice packs. If you want longer-lasting relief, buy two or more so you always have one on hand.
  • A built-in eye ice pack area is located at the bottom of the hat to target swollen eyes or cluster headaches located behind the eye. The light-blocking design creates blackout effects without the need to close the curtains.
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